12 month program that develops leaders on topics like: Leadership Mindset, Technical Challenges vs Adaptive Challenges, 3 Pieces on DEI, Culture and How To Create Culture, Cohort with 20 other leaders in the organization. Deep relationships and increasing collaboration across SILO’s. 20 leaders who now have a common language, same skills, and leadership development together and talking to one another about things going on in their individual departments and stuff like that. Meeting once a month on average. In between they also get a partner and they meet with their buddy in between, and 6 books on leadership. They also get 6 individual coaching calls for 12 months that.


Cost: $600/month per person = $12,000/month = $120,000


It’s actually cheap because it’s $300 per one coaching call a month, while having monthly for $600 is very simple.


It didn’t need to go to the highest level of approval for those clients.


Sending one leader to a leadership conference your easily going to spend $4,000.


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Who makes the decision? What kind of sizes?

Leadership, Connections: CEOs, Charge Of Employee Engagement, COO, HR

Employee Size: Few 100 Employees, Leadership Pool Of At Least 20 People.

Between 100 – 1,000

Between 1,000 – 8,000